When Physical Symtoms Are More Than Just Physical

by Rhianna on November 11, 2014

I have recently been reminded just how much more our bodies hold than simple mechanistic feeling. In the past, I have written about the emotional aspects of detoxing, and how emotions and feeling are stored in our body cells just as sure as nutrients and wastes are. Most retreat attendees experience a physical detoxification on one of our detox retreats, while a lesser, but still significant amount, experience an emotion detoxification as well.

Emotions that were perhaps stored or forgotten, can be brought to the surface again, and the individual is given the chance to look at these emotions, and often address or resolve them. In a safe place with skilled facilitators all around, I have seen people shed off their old emotions like skin, and come out all bright, shiny and new. One particular lady I am thinking of reminded me of a butterfly. She came to the retreat with her grief cloaked around her like a dark chrysalis, she was quiet, introverted, and moved slowly from place to place. After her healing week, she burst into the celebration dinner like a vibrant butterfly. She had on a bright dress, her hair was like a halo, she laughed and danced and twirled her skirts around her like wings. Her healing was not simply physical. There was a deep emotional element that she had addressed.

Woman With Butterfly Wings Flying On Fantasy Sea Sunset, RelaxatSometimes it can be simpler than that. In the past, I have experienced pain in my lower back. This is certainly a weak point of mine, and has been known to spasm if I tweak it just so. But at this particular time I was getting continuous lower back pain. I spent nearly every night sleeping on the floor with a pillow under my knees. I would go to the chiropractor, get adjusted, and then have the issue back the next day. Due to scheduling, my regular chiropractor was unable to fit me in for yet another emergency appointment, so I contacted a chiropractor I had seen in the past. She was able to fit me in and when I told her about this reoccurring issue, she immediately investigated using kinesiology. Within the space of 30 seconds, she told me my issue was emotionally based, stemming from the fact that I currently felt unsupported in many areas of my life. I was astounded.

She was right, although it was only after she said it that I was able to totally agree with what she picked up. My conscious mind would never have linked the back pain with feeling unsupported, but unconsciously, there was a very strong connection. With some emotional clearing using kinesiology and an adjustment I walked out of there pain free for the first time in about 3 weeks. And it didn’t come back.

A friend told me once of a patient she saw in clinic. This lady had terrible recurring urinary tract infections. In spite of all the medical treatment, naturopathic treatment, correct hygiene and so on, she seemed to have this constant low grade urinary tract infection causing her pain. After a few weeks of naturopathic treatment without change, my friend realised there was a deeper layer to this problem. When the lady to came in again she asked her exactly who in her life, was ‘pissing her off’. The lady looked shocked, and then she exploded into an angry rant about her daughter and all the things she was doing that bothered her, and how she felt she couldn’t say anything about it or address these issues. She felt like all she could do was “grit my teeth and bare it” she felt she just had to “sit on” her emotions. Those were her own words. And voila! There was the underlying cause of this woman’s issues. Once this had been recognised, and the fact that these negative emotions were actually causing the woman harm, it could be addressed.

Louise Hay wrote an excellent book in 1984 called You Can Heal Your Life. It was at the forefront of linking emotions with physical symptoms 30 years ago. I believe it is still as valuable and accurate today as it was then.

Louise HayTo address emotional issues that may be physically affecting you, you can certainly read Louise’s book, or find a kinesiologist or chiropractor who also does applied kinesiology. Alternatively you may want to go to a Ka Huna massage therapist, counselor or hypnotherapist. You can also think about some of the language you use regularly, and see if there is any links between symptoms and words. For example saying things like “So-and-so is a pain in the neck, a thorn in my side, a pain in the ass” all have strong physical links. As does “sitting on” or “swallowing” your emotions. Not being able to say what you’d like is often linked to thyroid issues, and feeling unsettled, unstable and unsupported can affect things like hips, knees, and backs and so on.

I know it’s a bit of an out-there topic, but first hand I have seen the reality of our emotions affecting us physically, time and time again. Emotions should never be discounted. If this is an area that has been left unexplored in your journey towards health, I urge you to start. True health means health on all levels, emotionally, physically and spiritually.



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Michael Cummings November 26, 2014 at 7:46 pm

Excellent post Rhianna! Emotions cannot be overlooked in a persons overall wellness. The reason why I love natural health is because the root of the teachings tell us to look at the person from a whole perspective and not just as a “back, arm, leg, etc..”

Rhianna December 12, 2014 at 1:51 am

Thank you for your feedback Michelle, I totally agree!


Health Care December 14, 2014 at 8:37 am

Nice way to describe the health parameter to keep healthy for life time. Really perfect and appreciated.

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