Meet Rhianna Smith – Guest Blogger

Rhianna Smith – Bio

Rhianna Smith is a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist working with the Embracing Health Team, working particularly with the Health Mentoring Program.

“Natural medicine, for me is about wholism- treating the whole. We are so much more than an arm or a leg, a stomach or a heart. When I treat my patients I look at the big picture and it is most often the big picture which points us in the direction of the underlying cause!”

Rhianna puts a fun and humerous twist in her articles, which always makes for a great read. From how to do a stress free stool test to a step by step guide to dream boards and goal setting – Rhianna covers a range of topics that are sure to be entertaining and informative!

You may know Rhianna from the retreats as she has become an invaluable part of the team, and her posts will give you an insight into the little things you can incorporate on a daily basis to live the healthy life you want.

Rhianna’s passion is sharing her knowledge so that it becomes easily accessible to everyone without them having to be a fully qualified naturopath! She loves spending time on the water, and experimenting with recipes, and exploring foregin places for their cultural ideas, amazing locations, and different health views!

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