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I’ve been to see Don Tolman, and William and I did the “Bootcamp 4 Brains” weekend workshop with him, and found Don to be an amazingly entertaining speaker.  Well worth seeing live, he’s here in the next few weeks and you can get free tickets by entering the code which is coming out in your e-mail on Saturday. 
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Experience The Most Successful Diet on The Planet with Internationally Acclaimed Author and Raw Food Chef Paul Nison. Did you know when you eat is just as important as what you eat? It can determine your total health and wellness. Raw Food Chef and Author Paul Nison has studied the topic of health and digestion
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Paul Nison Coming to Australia!

by Leisa on April 6, 2010

US Raw Foodie and Author of The Daylight Diet is coming to Australia in May.  Check out his vidoes below and I look forward to hearing more about raw food from a different perspective from many other raw food speakers – see you there! You can check out all the information about the tour at
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