August 2013

Mixed Fresh Berries

The Beautiful Benefits of Berries

by Leisa on August 31, 2013

Out of all the different types of fruits available, some of my favourites are the berries – all types – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, mulberries, cranberries, goji berries, acai berries,  and my all time number one out of all of them – raspberries.   Berries are a great choice for those who don’t do well on fruits
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Product Pack

Crazy Product Sale! Big Discounts!

by Leisa on August 28, 2013

Here at Embracing Health we’ve decided to sell off packs of the last of the superfood products, books and supplements from the recent David Wolfe Tour – at crazy, discounted prices! With 20 – 25% off these super-dooper packs, they are a great deal! Everything from books and CD’s to superfoods and supplements – and we
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Low Fat

The Art Of Reading Food Labels – Part 2

by Rhianna on August 27, 2013

Continued from Part 1… Fats- no longer the bad guy 20 years ago, fats were regarded as the root of all evil. Fats were thought to make you fat. And this paved the way for a barrage of low fat, no fat, fat free rubbish corrupting our shelves and our bodies. But what many people
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Food Label

The Art Of Reading Food Labels – Part 1

by Rhianna on August 27, 2013

Have you ever been caught out chowing down on your newest ‘guilt free’ delicious snack only to find out that your innocent little nibble is actually full of some kind of unattractive ingredient? Before I was a naturopath, I fell into this exact trap with gluten free goodies. I assumed just because they were gluten
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Bee and Flower

The Benefits Of Bee Pollen

by Leisa on August 26, 2013

I was just sitting down to write a post about my favourite superfood of the moment, bee pollen, when I came  across an awesome article that had already been written about it, on Food Matters by The Fresh Network. I love putting bee pollen in my smoothies, I sprinkle it on my sprouted, dehydrated apple
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Strawberries and chocolate

Give Me Chocolate! Now!

by Leisa on August 22, 2013

I LOVE chocolate – it is one of my favourite foods – but not the store bought variety full of dairy and sugar. Give me real cacao any day! Sometimes, when I don’t have any Sacred Chocolate on hand, or haven’t made any home-made chocolates myself and I have a craving for some choccy, I
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Organic Food

It seems to me that the authors of these types of articles attempting to discredit organic food have an agenda to push, and they will do it in any way they can, with very dubious information. I was reading this article “Organic food has no extra health benefits, say researchers” where they go on to say
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Goji Berry Lemonade

Hydrating Goji Berry Lemonade!

by Leisa on August 20, 2013

The weather on the Gold Coast has been so divine, it is reminding me that summer is just around the corner! And that reminded me of one of my favourite summer drinks – Goji Berry Lemonade.  There are some wonderful superfood drinks and smoothies you can make to give an extra boost of great nutrition
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Never Been Sick A Day In My Life!

by Leisa on August 19, 2013

This post unfortunately is not a celebration of reaching for the incredible heights of health that mean that we are never, ever sick, but moreso, is a little bit of a warning to those who are never, ever unwell. One of the statements that I have heard often as a naturopath is often from people
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More Flavour Equals More Nutrition!

by Leisa on August 15, 2013

One of the most important messages I teach at my Embracing Health Retreats, is that we need to become more aware of our instincts around food, and tune into our senses regarding what our body needs. The next point most people make though, is that their body is telling them that they need hamburgers and chocolate every
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