Book Reviews

The Language of Disease

by Leisa on January 25, 2009

A promotional plug for Mike Adam’s new book and CD package “The Illusion of Disease” came through recently on e-mail and it is a pretty important subject. In the blurb about the report, he explains how the medical profession use NLP type techniques to “brainwash” patients into being dis-empowered and handing over their authority to doctors and
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Words of Wisdom from Ann Wigmore

by Leisa on August 18, 2008

Ann Wigmore was a pioneer of the raw and living foods movement, and helped thousands of people regain their health with the Hippocrates Health Institute program which she founded. I was rereading one of her books today “Be Your Own Doctor. A positive guide to natural living” and I came across these gems of wisdom: “Disease stems from
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Stumbling on Happiness

by Leisa on August 5, 2008

I am an avid reader, and I “stumbled” onto this book a while ago and found it to be an incredibly thought provoking read.  The book is called “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert, and on the back cover it states: “Vividly bringing to life the latest scientific research in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and
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Health Book Summaries

by Leisa on July 26, 2008

This is a great idea for people who don’t have the time to read, or would like to read a comprehensive review of a book before they purchase it. Mike Adams from Natural News and Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health have put together a site called Health Book Summaries to provide exactly that – a
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New Movie – Food Matters!

by Leisa on May 3, 2008

This looks like it will be a great movie! I can’t wait until it comes out and I’m sure it will be one to add to my DVD collection on health topics. You can view the trailer of the movie here WELCOME TO FOOD MATTERS Food Matters is a documentary film informing you on the best
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Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants

by Leisa on January 9, 2008

This is the conclusion of Michael Pollan, an author who has written some fantastic books on food from a very unique and entertaining perspective. I review one of his books “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” in the January issue of my newsletter (subscribe above, top right corner to receive your copy!). He talks about his new book,
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