The Language of Disease

by Leisa on January 25, 2009

A promotional plug for Mike Adam’s new book and CD package “The Illusion of Disease” came through recently on e-mail and it is a pretty important subject.

In the blurb about the report, he explains how the medical profession use NLP type techniques to “brainwash” patients into being dis-empowered and handing over their authority to doctors and specialists without question.  Even though I feel the blurb is deliberately sensationalistic (is that a word?) – it is highlighting a very real issue.

I have met plenty of patients who are so identified with their illness, that they wouldn’t know who they were without it.  They are invested in the image of it, they are totally convinced that there is no cure for their disorder, and there are varying degrees of “payoff” for continuing to suffer with the illness – whether it be sympathy, not having to take responsibility for themselves, or having the benefit of being looked after to some extent either by family or by the government.

Of course on the other hand there are also large numbers of people who do not take what the medical profession says as gospel and do take responsibility for their health and make the necessary changes that lead to recovery – and this I have absolute admiration for.

However, there is the subset of patients who have bought into the idea presented by the medical profession that there is no treatment for their illness – and unfortunately, having been told unequivocally that this is “the truth” by a respected authority, it leaves very little room for one to question and come to a different conclusion.

It is sad that we have so many doctors who have very little knowledge of natural healing therapies and are therefore unable to offer their patients hope and alternative ways of healing.  So they pass on “their truth” and because they believe wholeheartedly in their truth – this belief is passed on to the patient.

If you want to read more about this subject and know how to protect yourself from the language of medical manipulation – then check out the “Illusion of Disease” package here:



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