Oh My Goodness, I Have a Disease!

by Leisa on August 25, 2009

From The Daily Mail UK

“An obsession with eating healthily could in fact be bad for your health, scientists warn.

Those who deny themselves entire food groups or worry too much about the ‘purity’ of their meals are risking their mental and physical wellbeing.

Experts have reported a rise in such extreme behaviour, known as orthorexia nervosa.

Sufferers of orthorexia nervosa tend to be over 30, middle-class and well-educated.

While anorexia patients restrict the quantity of the food they eat, sufferers of orthorexia, named after the Greek for ‘right or true’, fixate on quality.

The ‘rules’ vary from person to person, but the drive to eat only the healthiest foods can lead to sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods being eliminated from the diet.

Foods tainted by pesticides or that contain artificial additives such as MSG are often also ditched.”

If this wasn’t so scary it would be hilarious!  Can you believe this drivel?  What happens now, Big Pharma creates a drug that “cures” our orthorexia nervosa and sends us running to fill up on sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol and all those yummy pesticides and MSG?

I think the author of this article needs to refer to my previous post “Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes To Health”.  Anyone with even a small modicum of common sense can surely see how absolutely ridiculous this whole article is.

Ok, yes, I do agree that some people can take it too far and can become obsessed with every morsel that goes into their mouths, causing themselves enormous amounts of stress, but that isn’t really highlighted in this article.  The people they are targeting here are just normal health conscious people who realise that sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn, dairy, pesticides, artificial additives and MSG do not belong in a healthy body.

You know what?  I”ll keep my Orthorexia nervosa thanks very much, and the writer of this article and anyone else who subscribes to this rot, can have Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Obesity and Senility and all the other chronic diseases that come from eating plenty of everything listed above.



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Yvonne T September 8, 2010 at 12:37 pm

Thank you so much for making this point. Because I choose to eat organic, healthy whole foods without pesticides, additives etc and avoid aspartame and your dreaded list above, people think I am obsessed. They believe these foods, chemicals and drugs do not do any harm (even my gorgeous Auntie who is morbidly obese, with diabetes, joint problems, knee reconstructions the list goes on). They truly believe if they were bad, the government wouldn’t allow them! It makes me nervous that the psychiatrists have voted another so called mental disease, big pharma will make a new dangerous drug, and they will medicate and make money out of innocent HEALTHY people. I’ll keep my healthy lifestyle any day.

Leisa January 2, 2011 at 4:49 am

I’m with you Yvonne! I’ll take the organic, chemical free products & healthy lifestyle any day too! It’s just the herd mentality and the brainwashing of the media when people try and say that chemicals and drugs do no harm. The evidence is there if people care to look, so continue on your merry way doing the best you can, and know that you can’t tell those who are not interested in listening. Hopefully they get inspired by your good example!

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