The Language of Disease

by Leisa on January 25, 2009

A promotional plug for Mike Adam’s new book and CD package “The Illusion of Disease” came through recently on e-mail and it is a pretty important subject. In the blurb about the report, he explains how the medical profession use NLP type techniques to “brainwash” patients into being dis-empowered and handing over their authority to doctors and
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Infuriating, Patronising Doctors

by Leisa on November 30, 2008

Mary Shomon on her thyroid website wrote an article asking for people to write in with the comments that their doctors have made, that infuriated them the most. I have had a few moments of my own when suffering with thyroid problems.  One that easily comes to mind was when I was complaining about how
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Controls on Doctors

by Leisa on November 3, 2008

I don’t know the full story on this one, but a small article in one of the Sunday newspapers was indicative of the types of pressure that doctors are under in Australia, to practice within a very strict set of rules. The article was about Dr. Ian Raddatz, whom the Queensland Medical Board took to
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If only most doctors could find a higher calling than the pseudo-science that passes for medicine these days – then the world would be a MUCH better place. I thought this was  a great story and it just shows that a good hard look at your life can be very beneficial – and we don’t
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Car Parts For Sale Here?

by Leisa on February 24, 2008

Sorry wrong website.  This is about health, as most of you know. However some Doctors for some reason, know little to nothing about Naturopathy.  Hence the comment from a Dr. one of my patients went to “What would you go to a Naturopath for?  That’s like going to the mechanic for a haircut!” Oh doesn’t
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Doctors Drive Me Crazy!

by Leisa on February 4, 2008

I try very hard not to Dr. bash, (ok, I don’t try THAT hard!), but what they do at times certainly does drive me crazy! This area came up again today when I had a consultation with an elderly patient who was suffering from faintness, dizziness upon standing and some mental confusion. After taking a case
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