Angela Stokes


If You Could Only Have One Raw Food…

by Leisa on June 8, 2010

Angela Stokes of RawReform had a great competition going on her website where she asked people to write in and answer the question: “”If you were to live on just one raw food for 30 days, which food would you choose and why…?” and the winning response from a lady named Sarah Fabry is below!
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This article came through on the RawReform e-mail bulletin by Angela Stokes, and it was so good I’ve reproduced it here! “Many of us experience challenges trying to help others to eat more healthily. Well, despair ye no longer, help is at hand… Here are ten top tips for helping reluctant people eat more raw…
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Perspectives on Weight Loss

by Leisa on January 7, 2009

In this post I wanted to highlight two different views and approaches to weight loss, both of which I have a lot respect for.  I think you will enjoy the contrast, and if you are struggling with your weight – you will find a lot of value in what these people have to say. I’ve written before on this
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