Perspectives on Weight Loss

by Leisa on January 7, 2009

In this post I wanted to highlight two different views and approaches to weight loss, both of which I have a lot respect for.  I think you will enjoy the contrast, and if you are struggling with your weight – you will find a lot of value in what these people have to say.

I’ve written before on this blog about problems with excess weight, (Weighing In on Weight Loss), and how the old adage “eat less and exercise more” isn’t the answer in any number of cases.  I encourage you to read that post where I discuss many other causes of weight gain, other than overeating.

Of course in some cases it is eating the wrong types of foods that causes the weight gain, and this is where changing to a primarily raw food diet that is high in quality organically grown produce, can have almost miraculous results.  Two people who have suffered from obesity and have lost their excess weight on a raw vegan diet are Angela Stokes and Philip McCluskey

Both have a great approach to weight loss, and are beautiful people who also embrace the emotional components that led to their weight issues.

The other approach that I wanted to bring to you is from Charles Eisenstein who has written a book called Transformational Weight Loss, and argues that obesity stems from a deep-seated feeling of lack and separation that no amount of food can appease.  The real search needs to be for connection and meaning in life, rather than a diet, and until those feelings are addressed, the hunger for “more” will continue.

And that concept of course, doesn’t relate only to food – it is also about our desire for more money, more status, more fame, more possessions – our culture is saturated with the need for “more” which is manifesting itself in our health and in our weight.

Here are the two entertaining and thought provoking articles that go into this issue in much more depth.
Reuniting the Self: Autoimmunity, Obesity, and the Ecology of Health
Reuniting the Self: Autoimmunity, Obesity, and the Ecology of Health (Part 2)



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