Living in Gratitude

by Leisa on August 7, 2013

Feeling grateful is such an empowering emotion, yet quite often it is one that doesn’t always come to mind naturally, unless we take the time to sit down and think about what we are grateful for. When we actually do that, we can find hundreds of things to be grateful for, and suddenly our seemingly
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Buddha Quotation

Accepting The Grand Design

by Rhianna on July 24, 2013

Hanging on my wall I have a quote by Buddha. It goes something along the lines of “In the end, what matters most is: How well did you love? How well did you live? How well did you learn to let go?” I loved this quote enough to buy it and hang it on my wall, but I
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Spiritual Madness

Spiritual Madness

by Leisa on July 11, 2013

Just recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Caroline Myss, and have been really enjoying delving into the concepts of spirituality that she discusses. One of her talks is entitled “Spiritual Madness” and it has deeply resonated with me. It was 25 years ago, when I was in my teens, that I started on
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two hearts

I Saw Your Boobs

by Leisa on February 26, 2013

Yesterday I happened to come across a video of a song that was performed at the Academy Awards a day or two ago called “I Saw Your Boobs”. And it made me really angry. You might ask why someone who writes about health, food as medicine, nutrition and emotional healing, wants to write about a song that was
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The Happiness Class

The Happiness Class – Sydney Event

by Leisa on February 21, 2013

I just wanted to pass on some information on a great event that is happening in Sydney on the 10th of March.  It is called the Happiness Class and is run by Carl Massy, author of The Guidebook to Happiness, and someone who I know personally and respect. Carl not only knows the science of
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You Are a Flawless Diamond

by Leisa on February 10, 2013

Spontaneous healing and using the power of the mind to combat disease, have always fascinated me. I have a library full of books delving deeply into this phenomenon, and even though there is not one clear-cut solution on any healing path, there are a myriad of techniques to explore on the way. I was revisiting some of
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Gratitude is the Path to Abundance

by Leisa on December 11, 2012

Gratitude is one of my favourite practices and is a beautiful attitude to cultivate and share with others. There are many ways to develop your gratitude muscles and below is a a webinar presentation by my friend and colleague Carl Massy, on this very subject!   Have you ever stopped to think just WHY being grateful
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Urealistic Optimism

Unrealistic Optimism

by Leisa on November 20, 2012

It was in Bali earlier this year, sitting at dinner with my good friend and colleague Carl Massy, when he shared with me me a statement that described part of my personality to a tee, and made me laugh out loud at how perfect it was. He said that I had the character trait of “unrealistic optimism” – and
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Great Happiness Strategy

by Leisa on July 17, 2012

By Carl Massy Here’s the scenario. Through the course of a day you just can’t get into it. You labour through the day. You get a bit of stuff done but the feeling you have as you come towards the end of it is that life sucks a little bit. You are not all doom
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Health & Wellbeing Millionaire

by Leisa on February 9, 2012

16 Australian Health & Wellbeing Experts share their success secrets to living your BEST life now! I am VERY excited to announce that a few months ago I was priveleged to be invited to become a featured author in the book “Health & Wellbeing Millionaire“. This book is the next one being released in the
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