Do You Put 515 Chemicals a Day on Your Body?

by Leisa on November 14, 2009 “Women and beauty products – it’s a love affair that’s been going on for centuries. And no wonder. There’s nothing like a new lipstick or favourite perfume to make us look and feel good. Or so we thought… In fact, according to a new report, most of our favourite cosmetics are cocktails of industrially
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Detoxing – The Dreaded Colon Cleanse!

by Leisa on May 23, 2009

When it comes to detoxing, the colon is our leading weapon in eliminating toxins from our bodies. The colon stores waste until we are ready to expel it, and a healthy body should be having 1 -2 bowel movements per day; any less and the body is constipated. It doesn’t take too much imagination to
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Laser Printers Emit Toxic Dust

by Leisa on March 30, 2009

I have always wondered about the toxic emissions from printers and photocopiers.  I have experienced a couple of allergic reactions to the toner in them and have thought about how harmful they might be. When I was 16 and a junior clerk in a legal office, I was asked to change the toner in the photocopier.  Never having
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The Story of Stuff

by Leisa on December 29, 2007

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute animated video/film you can watch online, that presents its important message in a very simple, yet entertaining way. The movie explains in straightforward, powerful terms why our present system of ever-accelerating production and consumption is unsustainable, unjust and unfulfilling, and makes the case that it doesn’t have
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