Detoxing – The Dreaded Colon Cleanse!

by Leisa on May 23, 2009

When it comes to detoxing, the colon is our leading weapon in eliminating toxins from our bodies. The colon stores waste until we are ready to expel it, and a healthy body should be having 1 -2 bowel movements per day; any less and the body is constipated. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that waste accumulating in the colon is not helping our bodies achieve wellness.

A colon that is not operating as well as it should can lead to a variety of ailments such as sluggishness, gas, even acne and an inability to concentrate. The situation can deteriorate further if not dealt with: a sad statistic is that colon cancer is currently the second most deadly cancer in the US.

More and more people are turning to a healthy colon cleanse to wash out a build up of toxins, accumulated through poor diet or a polluted environment. Among the benefits that people experience are a clearing of long-term skin problems, much more energy, a feeling of ‘lightness’ and weight loss.

Some people experience some mild side-effects from the detox process such as cold or flu-like symptoms, listlessness or a slight skin rash. These symptoms only last for anything from an hour to a couple of days, and are well worth the discomfort for the benefits that are felt after the cleanse is complete.

A colon cleanse is also recommended before any other kind of cleanse of detox program. As the colon is responsible for eliminating waste from the body, it makes sense that this is clear of toxins, before allowing other toxins from the rest of the body to pass through it. A healthy and clear colon will help and speed up any further toxin elimination.

There are many commercial colon cleanse products available – some are better than others. One of the most popular natural cleanses on the market is the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. This product helps achieve a healthy colon with its two herbal supplements that are taken several times a day.

The first is a toxin absorber which contains psyllium seed husks to help scrub clean the colon walls, apple pectin, to block triglycerides and fatty acids, and betonite clay, which miraculously draws in toxins of up to 40 times its own weight, and safely carries them out of the body. In addition, the toxin absorber is taken with either ginger root or peppermint leaf. Both of these help to calm any uncomfortable side-effects from the psyllium seeds. Ginger root can also encourage friendly bacteria in the gut and speedily expel toxins, however it is not suitable for those taking aspirin or blood-thinning medication, and so peppermint is a good alternative.

The toxin absorber is taken 5 times a day with organic apple juice, which has been found to be the tastiest way to take it.

In addition, the cleanse includes a Digestive Stimulator which is taken three times a day. This mixture of 14 natural ingredients helps keep bowel movements regular. The ingredients also calm the digestive system and eliminate bloating.

For the bravest amongst you, the cleanse can be taken over a period of 9 days, which includes a 5 day liquid fast. This will give you the strongest cleanse with the most beneficial results. If you’re not feeling up to living without solid food for 5 days, you can take the cleanse over a period of 8 days, with a modified diet, or over 30 days, which doesn’t require any diet changes. These two options are not going to achieve the most dramatic effects, however you will still feel the benefits of a good cleanse.

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Christine Hornby July 18, 2009 at 1:18 am


Do you recommend this colon cleanse? I would really like to do it. I have just commenced (today) a juice fast because I want to convert to a raw diet and become really healthy. I thought maybe the cleanse would give me a kick start and help to reduce my cravings for carbs, sweets and bad foods.

I notice the site is American do you trust them?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Take care


Suzanne Stuart July 26, 2009 at 10:04 am

Many constipation problems are sometimes caused through not chewing our food properly, like chewing it until it becomes a liquid in our mouths, which means chewing up to 35x’s or more.

I used to only go once every 3 days for years until I had a colon cleanse, detox with wheatgrass, then learnt about the chewing. Until then I relied on pysllium husk.

Leisa July 26, 2009 at 10:12 am

That’s a very good point. Yes, chewing makes a big difference to our digestive system and by chewing well we signal all of our digestive juices to flow, which in turn helps the colon to move better. We also get more nutrients out of our food if we break it down well, starting in the mouth.

Leisa July 31, 2009 at 1:12 am

Dear Christine,
There are many types of colon cleanse products, and this is quite a nice product – but yes, it is from America and you would have to order it in. Quite often a naturopath can mix you up a specific herbal product that you can take and there are things like Bentonite clay, Activated charcoal and psyllium from the health food store that are very good for cleansing the bowel. If you are converting to a raw diet and doing some fasting and using things like green smoothies (which are excellent for lowering carb cravings by the way) then even a course of colonics can help. Good luck with it!

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