Healing Without Medication

by Leisa on June 16, 2009

My partner William and I have a very different view on healing and what the body is capable of; as compared to most people.  Even those with an interest in, and some knowledge of natural healing, rarely trust the process of healing which isn’t always pleasant.

As an example, just last week William had an abscess develop around his tooth.  In the past, William had a lot of trouble with his teeth, and even though he hasn’t had any new problems for quite some time – there are residual effects from the work he has had done.  There was a crack in a tooth from a filling that had fallen out, and an abscess developed.

As well as swelling around the tooth and enormous pain, William developed quite a high fever and was a very sick man.  Many people at this point would run to the dentist or doctor and take antibiotics to contain the infection – but if we remember that antibiotics should only be used in life and death situations, then we look for alternatives first.

So, I made up a poultice of Bentonite clay, ground cloves, iodine and cayenne pepper, and packed that around the tooth and gums where the infection was.  We used immune stimulating herbs, garlic which is one of the best natural antibiotics available, and regular hot Epsom Salts baths.  When the poultice came off, we alternated mouth rinses of iodine and strong citrus seed extract and also packed sliced garlic along the gum line.  He didn’t eat at all, and just had juices and green smoothies.

And William spent a few days in bed resting with a high fever.  After about three days the worst had passed and he was on his way to a full recovery.  That’s not to say that he won’t have the tooth looked at and repaired, but given the right tools and environment, the body CAN heal itself.

We have been taught to fear our bodies, to be scared of what might happen if don’t we address the symptoms of illness immediately.  Horror stories of brain injury from fever, infections becoming systemic and developing into septicaemia, and kidney and liver damage are common.

But with the right practitioner guiding you through it, healing doesn’t have to develop into a horror story.  It is not pleasant, and you do need to be able to take the time to stay in bed and let the body do it’s job – but with the right support it is amazing what can happen.

So often we live such busy lives that taking the time to heal properly isn’t an option.  We have jobs we may lose if we take time off; children to look after, activities we are involved in – which is why many turn to medications which suppress the symptoms quickly and allow us to continue on with our lives as if nothing much was wrong.  But eventually that weakens our system and our health degrades.

If we can manage to allow ourselves the time to heal, then we reap the benefits in improved immunity and a healthier body in the long term.

Healing without medication – it’s our choice :-)



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