What an Awesome Mum!

by Leisa on August 9, 2009

I received a wonderful  e-mail recently from a very clever lady who has done an amazing job with her own health and that of her family.  She is open to learning more, experimenting with whole foods and raising her children as naturally and healthfully as possible.  This made me smile and I’m sure it will make you smile too!  Reprinted here with her permission:

“You know what, I have learnt a very important lesson today: to trust my own choices as a mum and to know I am doing a great job!  I sent you my email yesterday after talking to 2 different people about the possibility of swine flu and they were both horrified that I wasn’t going to the doctors ASAP and that I chose to treat with food and homeopathic medicine.

I then let their comments cloud my judgment and started to panic when my son’s fever peaked: was I doing the right thing?  Well this morning his fever has started to come down and he is slowly starting to heal.  All this was done with your fabulous healing soup recipe you gave me ages ago,  and juices with garlic as well as the Astragalus and plenty of bed rest.  The cough that started yesterday appears to be gone.

I must give credit to my kids too,  they are so great at taking whatever I say will make them better, I know a lot of kids would go yuck!  Why aren’t more people aware of the bodies amazing ability to heal if treated right? ”

What an awesome Mum!  And she is so right – we are so quick to distrust the natural processes of healing, which is often not comfortable or pleasant.  It’s awful to be sick, and of course I don’t advocate putting kids in danger, but being aware of the natural course of an illness, supporting the body with the right foods and herbs and keeping a close eye on the patient will most often result in a full resolution of the problem.

And it is very empowering to see this in action and know that we have more resources for healing than we ever thought possible.



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lara January 25, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Was just wondering what you could do to get a temperature down with kids also a heat rash such as hives which my daughter gets every so often. I would like to make up a natural first aid kit up. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

Leisa February 5, 2011 at 8:03 pm

Hi Lara,
I suggest that you see a good naturopath and look into the underlying causes of your children’s health issues. If there are allergic reactions and temperatures (which are not always a bad thing) I suggest you have someone take a full case history and look at the diet – and they will be able to help you put a good natural first aid kit together. That’s a great idea, and to have an array of homoepathic remedies for various situations as well as some herbs and supplements for different mild conditions would be very wise. But getting the underlying causes figured out and supported is the first place to start. Good luck with it.

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