Taking the Time for Real Rest

by Leisa on July 2, 2009

One of the points that Dr. Fred Bisci emphasised during his lectures in Australia, was the importance of rest when it comes to healing.  He talked about how during water fasting, one should lay down with closed eyes as much as possible, to conserve energy and retain that energy within for healing purposes.

In my recent post “Healing Without Medication“,  I talked about how my partner William dealt with an acute condition, and how rest was an essential part of recovery.

In my own way, I have been learning this lesson very well over the past month, with amazing results.

As many of my regular readers are aware, I have suffered from some very serious adrenal and thyroid issues in the past that I have been working on healing for quite some time.  Although I had healed myself  to the point of being really well, I was still taking some natural thyroid replacement hormone, which I have been taking for several years now.

My goal has been to wean myself off this hormone and have my thyroid function normally again – something that  many doctors and health practitioners say is impossible after taking supplemental hormone for many years.  However, I do believe that the body can heal itself given the right tools and environment.

In addition to doing a lot of detoxing, my raw food diet, superfoods and green smoothies – I recently started with iodine therapy in amounts that are much higher than I had previously taken.  Combined with some intensive herbal medicine, I slowly weaned myself off my thyroid hormone and completely stopped it over a month ago.

The timing of doing this was important too.  I had finished running retreats for a couple of months and had planned to mainly just work at home during this time so that if I did get any negative symptoms, I had no pressing demands and could rest if needed.  And I feel that this has been a crucial part of being able wean off successfully.

I did have a couple of weeks of “adjusting” to not taking the thyroid hormone, but being able to just rest through it and know that I didn’t have to leave the house with big swollen eyes, and 7kg of extra fluid, made it possible!  Having the time to just rest was such a gift and something that we rarely get the opportunity to do in this crazy, busy life we have created.

Rest is such an incredibly important healing tool, and I now have a greater understanding of exactly how much impact it can have.  Without being able to really, truly, rest – I don’t think I would have been able to do what I have now done – which is to successfully wean off thyroid hormone and be completely well.

It is still early days, but I am currently symptom free and feeling absolutely fantastic!

I know that not everyone is in the position to stop work and just rest to get well, but please don’t overlook this vital tool in the healing process.



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