Dr. Fred Bisci


Taking the Time for Real Rest

by Leisa on July 2, 2009

One of the points that Dr. Fred Bisci emphasised during his lectures in Australia, was the importance of rest when it comes to healing.  He talked about how during water fasting, one should lay down with closed eyes as much as possible, to conserve energy and retain that energy within for healing purposes. In my recent
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My First Durian Experience!

by Leisa on May 28, 2009

Well, I had heard a lot about these mysterious fruits – all the stories about how bad they smelled, and how addictive they were – so when I had the opportunity to try them for myself – I jumped at the chance! It was driving home from hiking in Springbrook National Park with Dr. Fred
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The Delightful Dr. Fred

by Leisa on May 26, 2009

This past week I was fortunate enough to have hosted Dr. Fred Bisci and his friend and promoter Rory, on the Gold Coast leg of their national tour.  And what a privilege it has been! For the first couple of days though, the Gold Coast turned on the worst weather imaginable – with South East QLD
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Dr. Fred Bisci Movie Night

by Leisa on May 2, 2009

Calling all health conscious people local to the Gold Coast! If you live within driving distance of the Gold Coast, I would like to invite you to a screening of Dr. Fred Bisci’s brand new DVD “Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle” this Thursday evening 7th of May at 7pm. It is being hosted by
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Raw For 900 Days!

by Leisa on April 10, 2009

While I was over in Perth last weekend, I caught up with some friends of mine, John Wood and his wife Ronnie.  They were generous enough to have me over for a flying visit for dinner, and they made me the most fantastic four course raw gourmet meal! John is a real inspiration.  Three years
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Dr. Fred Bisci Tour Australia – May 2009

by Leisa on February 2, 2009

Dr. Fred Bisci is a living legend in the natural health world. With a Ph.D in nutritional science, Dr. Bisci has had a thriving practice in New York City for over 40 years, and has achieved his outstanding clinical results by showing people how to experience the healing power and remedial capabilities of the human body. Fred,
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