My First Durian Experience!

by Leisa on May 28, 2009

Well, I had heard a lot about these mysterious fruits – all the stories about how bad they smelled, and how addictive they were – so when I had the opportunity to try them for myself – I jumped at the chance!


It was driving home from hiking in Springbrook National Park with Dr. Fred and Dr. Rory, when the subject of Durian’s came up.  Dr. Fred told us a story about a friend of his who blended some up to take on a plane trip with him, and how when he opened the jar, the smell was so bad the air hostess confiscated it and drowned the Durian in coffee grounds to take the smell away!  It was just hilarious and we were all in stitches – when I mentioned that I saw some Durian’s at the local fruit and veg shop, and that I’d never had one!

Well, there was no other option then!  Durian’s for dinner it was!

It was getting late and I thought the shop probably closed at 6pm, so I drove as fast as I could to arrive at the shop with just minutes to spare!  We bolted up the escalator and tore into the shop, and sure enough there were Durian’s and young Thai coconuts galore.  Fred chose two Durian’s and four coconuts and we were off.

At home he tipped the coconut water into a blender and then showed me how to tear a Durian apart to get the flesh out.  The smell wasn’t so bad – but I was told that these were definitely mild ones and that they can get pretty gross.  My sister lived overseas in Macau for years and she tells me that eating Durian in public is actually banned!


Dr. Fred pulled the flesh apart, took out the seeds and blended the Durian with the coconut water to make a thick type of yoghurt – and this is what we had for dinner, Fred, Rory, William and I – about three bowls each – and it was absolutely divine!  It was an unusual flavour, and mixed with coconut it was scrumptious – definitely a fruit that I will be having more of!  I’m not too sure about being addicted to it – but it is one to add into the diet for sure!


So who better to share my first Durian experience with, than the awesome Dr. Fred!



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