Dr. Fred Bisci Movie Night

by Leisa on May 2, 2009

Calling all health conscious people local to the Gold Coast!

If you live within driving distance of the Gold Coast, I would like to invite you to a screening of Dr. Fred Bisci’s brand new DVD “Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle” this Thursday evening 7th of May at 7pm.

It is being hosted by Raw Power and Raw Pleasure, and is being held at the Mermaid Beach Community Centre, 2439 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach QLD. Please tell everyone you know who lives in the area to come along! Entry is just $5 and there is no need to book.

For more information call 02 6672-8139 and there is more information about this great DVD below.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces there!

About the Film Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle
This documentary film of Dr. Fred Bisci Lifestyle Plan gives you a direct first hand insight of the man himself,  views and philosophy on health, nutrition & spiritual beliefs with countless interviews & speaking seminars of Dr. Fred Bisci.

Dr. Bisci has been striving for 45 years to open minds and hearts to the simple truths that will be presented in the film. Dr. Bisci has studied nutritional science in great detail, gathered data by working with tens of thousands of clients, and above all, used his own body as a living laboratory. His message is that what he teaches is true, its effectiveness has been demonstrated time and time again, and it will work for you if you allow it to.

Many people over the last 50 years, Dr. Fred Bisci included, have lived by these principles of a mainly raw food lifestyle, and the results indicate beyond a shadow of a doubt that a poor dietary lifestyle causes the majority of diseases and that a healthy dietary lifestyle prevents them. Dr. Bisci has seen countless numbers of people, who changed their dietary lifestyle and had the courage to be willing participants in their own recovery and accomplish unbelievable things. The results happen so quickly and dramatically, they seem like miracles.

For the first time in his 45 years Dr. Bisci had about twenty-five of his Patients give some great testimonials that I feel give the film and the message a real diverse human element with some powerful real testimonies.  Dr. Fred Bisci does not promise that you will live to the age 120 with no illnesses, though such an outcome is possible. What he will say is that, though genetic and environmental factors may limit what you can achieve, if you apply the principles in this film you will live longer and enjoy far better health-in mind, body, and spirit than you will do if you continue with your current lifestyle.

The film will also give you an inside look at Dr. Fred Bisci Intermediate Lifestyle Plan that gives you a detail look of the different recommended food combinations for breakfast, lunch & dinner. It will help you set realistic do-able lifetime parameters and eating guidelines with the awareness that “It’s what you leave out, then it’s what you put in”.

For a more detail look into the Dr. Fred Basic beliefs and lifestyle plan the film is complemented by his new book “Your Healthy Journey Discovering Your Body’s Full Potential”.  For more information on Dr. Fred Basic’s products, Lifestyle plan and Consultation services visit www.fredbisci4health.com



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