Has the World Gone Crazy?

by Leisa on May 4, 2009

Sometimes I think the world has just gone plain mad!

With all the fear and craziness around the “swine flu”, people seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves and evaluate a situation – it seems like most people just take the what the media says as gospel truth….

We have the fluoride debate where a politician with no health qualifications or knowledge, can make a decision to put toxic chemical waste into our water supply.

We have so many vaccinations scheduled for today’s children that they almost need e a standing monthly appointment with their doctor for jabs that can have serious side effects.

We still have dentists everywhere putting highly toxic mercury in people’s mouths and performing root canals which have been proven to be very, very dangerous.

And we see people everywhere buying processed, garbage food and feeding that to their body while they feed their mind with propaganda disguised as news in papers and on TV.

Maybe raw food just clears your mind and raises your intelligence level where you can see clearly see the manipulations of the world for what they are!!! :-)  That’s my theory anyway!

It is a great thing to jump of that bandwagon of fear, negativity and brainwashing, and start to think for yourself and research these and other health subjects so that you can be assured that you are making your decisions based on facts from both sides of the argument and can do so with full responsibility for your actions.

It’s a much better way to live, and makes for great debates around the dinner table!



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Sam May 8, 2009 at 10:19 pm

Hi Leisa,

I love your newsletters, but am interested in what you have to say about root canal therapy and it’s cons. I am a dental assistant, amongst other things, and other than extracting a tooth, wouldn’t know what other option there is to suggest to the patient. I would love to know more, in order to speak to my manager (dentist) about alternatives.

Thanks, Sam

Leisa July 31, 2009 at 1:47 am

Dear Sam,
Thanks for your kind feedback. There is a book called “Root Canal Cover-up” By Dr. Geroge Meinig that I can suggest. It is written by a dentist who has done extensive research and is considered an authority on the subject. You could have a read of it and then pass it on to your dentist :-)

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