An Awesome Retreat!

by Leisa on February 28, 2009

I know I say this every time, so it might seem like a bit of a cliché now, but the February Embracing Life! Retreat at Coolum Beach was another fantastic event and we had an incredible group of people come together to make it very special.

I have been thinking about what makes these retreats such life-changing weeks, and it really does come down to the quality and type of people that these events seem to attract.  They are all such positive people; people who think more deeply about life and health than most do; they are ready for a change and are open and willing to learn and take on a different way of thinking around food; and they are generous and supportive of the people around them.

Bringing a group of people together who all embody these traits, makes for an awesome week of connection and for creating the space that I held the vision for – the space of shared wisdom and inspiration to live a great life.

I feel very privileged to be able to be a witness to the transformations that take place during the week – to see the growing awakening of how food can be medicine and how different you can feel with simple changes to diet and lifestyle.

For me it is also very emotional.  Being the host, I share in the ups and downs during the week and put my heart and soul into sharing what I know and have experienced when it comes to health and healing.  And when everyone leaves at the end of our time together, I feel a bit lost – a bit teary and emotional, and it takes a little while to settle down and relax.  It’s like my family has gone!!!

Then the positive feelings start to flow and I am grateful for the opportunity of sharing such an amazing time with everyone; am humbled by people’s courage and determination; and am satisfied and proud of what I have created.  To be able to do what you love and share your passion is one of the gifts of life… Thank you.



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