The Retreat!

by Leisa on September 26, 2008

I can’t believe that it’s been two weeks since I last wrote on my Blog!  I think that is the longest gap I’ve had since I started writing over a year ago.

The reason for my absence is due to the launch of my very first Embracing LIfe! Retreat!

On the 14th September myself and my team headed up to Coolum Beach to Nirvana Luxor Resort and settled in for the week.  Nirvana itself isn’t quite set up for the type of retreat we wanted to run, so we commandeered two of the large ground floor apartments and set one up for meals, (which ended up feeling like an intimate little restaurant – see pics here), and one to hold our lectures, group discussions and watch DVD’s.

So the first part of the day was busily moving tables from one room to another, as well as lounges, chairs and crockery and cutlery from other rooms, ready to cater for 20+ people.  It all came together beautifully and we had our space really well set up for the week.

Roseanne from Sunlight Saunas drove up from Brisbane to deliver a three person cabin sauna and a solo system for everyone to use during the week, and I had bought with me a portable unit from Grander Water to ensure we had good quality water to drink during our detox.

Then we were ready to go!  The guests started arriving and by Sunday evening we were all there tucking into a three course raw gourmet meal that was a hit with everyone!

It was a busy week for the team – myself, my Mum Trish, who worked in food preparation and was the wise woman of the group; Annie who did beautiful Yoga classes, massage and weaved food magic; and my friend Trudy, who helped us non-stop and wove magic of her own throughout the retreat.

The whole amazing experience couldn’t have happened without the help and support of a number of people and companies who assisted with products, supplies and samples for the group.  Over the next week I will be talking about these wonderful people and thanking them individually for their support.

Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time and felt re-energised and healthy after their three day juice fast and raw vegan cleanse.  I received some fabulous testimonials from people who have very generously shared their thoughts about the retreat.  You can read them here and get an idea of the type of experience you would have if you joined us at one of the Embracing Life! Retreats.

At the time of writing this, I have four spaces left for the Perth Retreat coming up on the 19th of October, so if yourself or anyone you know would like to come along, you can still secure your place online at the retreat website –

I am truly grateful to everyone who helped to make this new venture such a success – the team, the participants, my partner William, my family, and everyone who wished me well, had faith in me, and offered their positive thoughts and feedback about my ideas.  It has meant a lot to me and I appreciate every single word and thought.

Thank you!



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