Sunlight Saunas

by Leisa on September 27, 2008

One of the highlights of the retreat (and there were many!) was the generous supply by Sunlight Saunas, of a three person Sunlight Sauna Cabin and a Solo Sauna for our use during the retreat.

Roseanne from Sunlight drove up on the Sunday and organised the set up of these units at the resort.  They were simple to put together but needed a bit of man-power for the lifting!

Part of a good detox involves the twice daily use of a sauna to encourage the excretion of toxins through the skin – and everyone really enjoyed the different sauna experience that we had with the far-infrared technology.

There was no overheating and feeling like you had to get out of the sauna because you couldn’t take any more – the Sunlight Sauna was a much more gentle heat that was very pleasant and relaxing – it was so popular that we had to make up a roster so that everyone could fit in their turn!

Besides the obvious benefits of relaxation, the sauna increases circulation, improves your skin and can help to remove toxins from deeper layers of tissue than are normally released in traditional saunas.  This can help with the removal of heavy metals that are commonly stored in our body tissues.

Along with the twice daily saunas, we were also provided with a solo unit that we used for half hour sessions before having a deep tissue massage – and wasn’t that the ultimate package for relaxation!  The soothing heat loosens up all the muscles ready to be worked on for sensational results – what a treat!

Roseanne from Sunlight Saunas also did a great talk for us, explaining the differences between the technologies available, and why Sunlight is a leader in the industry.  You can read more about Sunlight Saunas on their webpage- or if you call 1800-786-544 be sure to ask for Roseanne and she will be happy to help.

I will be purchasing a Sunlight Sauna for my home use – as soon as I move into a new home :-)

A great big Thank you to Roseanne and Sunlight Saunas for their awesome support of the first Embracing Life! Retreat



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