victoria boutenko

  You may have heard me talk many times about my Embracing Health Membership Club, and I have been working hard to expand the quality content & valuable health information it contains. I believe it has developed into one of the best educational packages on food, fatigue, hormones and health that you will find! Each
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Remember To Rotate Your Greens!

by Leisa on June 28, 2010

I’m a big advocate of Green Smoothies, – I like to have one nearly every day and I regularly recommend them to people – however I always make sure I caution everyone to make sure they rotate their greens. By this, I mean don’t use the same type of green every time.  It is easy to get into
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Anyone who has been to one of my Embracing Life! Retreats is likely to be familiar with what I teach and what I stand for – and that is not necessarily a 100% raw raw vegan diet – but one that continues to evolve and develop over time as people learn to move to healthier
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Are You a “Righteous” Raw Foodie?

by Leisa on April 14, 2009

Every now and then I come across someone who uses the way they eat and live, to assert their superiority over others – and is never nice to witness. Recently I was reading a raw food blog where one of the people posting wrote some pretty harsh criticism of Victoria Boutenko (Green For Life) for being overweight and
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Victoria Boutenko Lecture

by Leisa on February 20, 2009

Last night William and I went to the Gold Coast lecture by Victoria and Valya Boutenko.  They have been very prominent in the Raw Food movement for many years and among their many books and DVD’s is Victoria’s book Green For Life which I have mentioned many times on this site and is where the
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