The Way of The Horse – Feeling our True Feelings

by Leisa on June 25, 2008

For most of my life I have had a passion for not only physical healing, but for healing on an emotional and spiritual level as well – and that has led me to all sorts of discoveries and insights over the years.

One area that I have had enormous trouble with myself though, is learning to feel and indentify my true feelings – versus what I think I “should” feel in a certain situation.

For various reasons that I won’t go into here, I grew up doubting my own feelings and always believing that what I felt was “wrong”.  So getting back in touch with my truth and not doubting what I feel, is a continuous journey that at times I travel well, and at other times I definitely don’t.

Just lately it came up again where in a certain circumstance I have ignored my true feelings and pushed them aside, in favour of choosing to believe what someone was telling me about a situation, rather than trusting in what I was feeling about it.  As it turned out, my feelings were spot on, and it was another reminder to not ignore those physically based sensations that you might call intuition, sixth sense, or just a feeling.

So rather than beat myself over the head about it, (well OK, when I stopped beating myself over the head about it!) I decided to explore the realm of Equine Facilitated Therapy – where horses are utilised to help us connect with our more authentic feelings and emotions – horses do not allow us to mask our truth.

Having grown up with horses and having a deep connection with them, I have been interested in this area for quite some time.  Horses are very good at picking up what is called “emotional incongruity” a term used to describe the act of hiding one emotion by trying to feel something else.

The horse will not let you get away with that, and will sense the truth behind the mask and will feel off balance and unsafe in your company.  When working with a human facilitator who is experienced in the nuances of equine behaviour, they can assist in translating the horses interactions with you, to assist you in recognising your patterns of incongruence.

It is a fascinating area and one that I could write about in depth – but suffice to say that I had my first experience of this work yesterday, and it was very interesting.  Already I have gained some insights that are quite valuable and I felt a raise in my energy that came just from interacting with such magnificent creatures.

Of course there are many ways / techniques / therapies to help us connect with our feelings, but I just know that this is going to be one of the most enjoyable!

I will keep you updated on my progress with my equine tutors, and will write more about this area of healing in the future.



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Monika Incekalns April 26, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Dear Leisa

Like you I grew up doubting my own feelings, because growing up I was told that what I felt was wrong & my decisions were made for me. So now I still doubt my true feelings.
Thanks for sharing about horses. Like you I love horses. Just being with them & I feel better. It’s been years since I have ridden a horse.
The other thing that I haven’t done for a long time is Snow Skiing (which gets me back to me & what I truly feel).
It’s great that you have found a way of connecting to your true feelings.
Let us know how you go with the horse therapy.
Is there a place in Sydney that does Horse therapy like that with people?
It’s a journey. Thanks for sharing.

I am still working thru this. Learning to listen to my inner voice. When I first got the dermatitis on my right hand, my gut instinct said to do a detox, but my Naturopath said NOT to do a detox. I listened to her & others, thinking they know better. As you know my hand got a lot worse. Meeting you & doing the 6day detox has been great. But being here in Sydney & you are in Qld makes it challenging. I read the Stool Analysis & am doing my best to follow your instructions, but it is challenging as I can’t get all the ingredients that you recommended – Eg: the probiotic “Bioceuticals Symbiotique” is out of stock. Bioceuticals say they will be getting it in approx. mid-May. So in the mean time, I am taking BioCeuticals Prodophilus because they say it is the closest to Symbiotique. It contains ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus’ which you told me NOT to use. BUT everyone tells me that I won’t find a Probiotic with it; that even Symbiotique contains ‘Lactobacillus acidophilus’. So what do I do?

Regarding feelings, I had an interesting session with a Kineseologist in Sydney last week. It was amazing. I felt things shifting as she was working on me. Muscle testing revealed what is going on deep inside. It was revealing & gave me a better idea of what is going on. I basically knew what was going on inside me, but this gave me greater insight into it. Katha the Kineseologist says that we can clear the pattern in just a few sessions. She is very booked so my next session isn’t for another three weeks. I’ll see what happens.

A few days after the Byron Bay retreat, back in Sydney, I had my first Surfing Lesson & had so much fun. But because the lesson was from 9am to 11am my right hand & forearm (where dermatitis is) got burnt & made the skin worse. So I’ll wait till my skin heals before my next lesson. Also the weather is getting cold down here in Sydney.

When are you going to David’s property in Hawaii? That will be awesome.


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