Is it “Good”, or is it “Bad”?

by Leisa on August 19, 2009

A few days ago I was lunching with a friend who told me about a business deal that had gone wrong, and how the whole world seemed to be against her; and it reminded me of an old proverb.

It goes something like this…

There once was a very wise, but very poor peasant farmer who had a cow wander on to his property.  Nobody claimed the cow, so he was allowed to keep it, and it was a bounty for his family.

The next door neighbour came over and said “You have a cow, that is good, very, very good

The wise farmer turned his palms in the air and shrugged “Is good? Is bad?  It just is…”

The next day the cow kicked the farmers’ son and broke his leg.

The neighbour came over again, shaking his head  “Your son has a broken leg. This is bad”, he exclaims, “very, very bad

The wise farmer turned his palms in the air and shrugged “Is good? Is bad?  It just is…”

The day after, the military came through the small village and took all the young men off to war – except for the farmer’s son who was laid up with a broken leg.

The neighbour came by “Your son doesn’t have to go to war, that is good, very, very good

And the wise old farmer turned his palms in the air again and shrugged “Is good? Is bad?  It just is…”

You get the picture…

How many times have you reacted like the neighbour, calling a situation “bad” and ruining days or weeks of your life moaning over it; only to realise with hindsight that it was probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to you!

Well, you’re not squirming there alone – I’ve been there too, and in my DVD The Emotional Aspects of Healing, I tell a very personal (and mighty embarrassing) story, of where I judged a situation to be very bad, one where I felt a complete and utter failure – yet it turned out to have a VERY happy ending!

No, I’m not giving away any more than that 🙂  You’ll just have to watch the DVD for yourself to hear how the story turned out….

Seriously though, like my friend, giving situations in our life “value judgments” is a complete waste of time and emotional energy.  We need to have a little bit more of the wise farmer in us that can shrug and say “It just is…”

That doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to change any situation, but more importantly, saving yourself a lot of stress and trauma can be as easy as being aware of your thoughts and feelings, and using some simple techniques to get you out of your own way, and understanding the bigger picture in life.

The Emotional Aspects of Healing DVD teaches you just that.

In an hour and a half packed full of personal stories, insights and learnings, I show you the possibilities of what you can achieve in your own life – and I know it works because I’ve done it.

The Emotional Aspects of Healing DVD – check it out NOW



PS.  I bet you never thought a cow could teach you something profound did you?

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