My New DVD Just Released!

by Leisa on December 31, 2007

Every week at Hippocrates I do a lecture for the attending students entitled “The Emotional Aspects of Healing”.  Mind-body medicine, healing through emotional release, personal growth, spirituality and human potential, are themes that have permeated my life in many ways.  I have studied, experienced and immersed in these topics and it has led me on a very interesting and insightful journey.  I take pieces from all of these areas, along with my own personal learnings and stories, and weave them into an hour and a half talk that leaves listeners with a greater vision of what they can achieve.

Almost every week after I finish my lecture, I have one or more of the students ask me whether my talk is available for them to purchase on CD or DVD, so that their loved ones and friends can also hear the message that they found so inspiring.  Not long ago I had my lecture filmed at Hippocrates and produced it into a DVD that is now available not just to those that attend Hippocrates, but for anyone that would like to discover more of their inner potential and the ability to live a full, healthy life.

Don’t miss out on this first release of “The Emotional Aspects of Healing”!  To read more about the DVD and to place an order – go to



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