Creating Your Own Reality

by Leisa on January 2, 2008

Still on the theme that my DVD “The Emotional Aspects of Healing” covers, I was sent a beautiful article by William Bloom asking the question “Does Everyone Create Their Own Reality?”  Following the success of “The Secret”, which although it contains some inspiring ideas, seems to give unaware people the impression that they are omnipotent and all they need do is hold a thought and they will manifest all their desires.  The down side of that is when things don’t manifest to plan, many people get caught up in blame, judgment and guilt.  And the flip side of that is many people feel righteous enough to judge those who may be suffering, as not being as “enlightened” as they are, and therefore in need of being set straight.  Which brings me to this article – it starts off:

“Over the years it has been an honor for me to advance and defend new age and holistic spirituality. I love its open-mindedness, its embrace of metaphysics and the way it combines spiritual work with healthcare. But I have also despaired at times about its apparent lack of morality and compassion when faced with the realities of people’s suffering.

This coldness is often explained away with half-baked ideas about how energies, karma and the laws of attraction work. This often reaches a peak of disturbing smugness when a new age ‘philosopher’ faced with cruel suffering says authoritatively: ‘People create their own reality’ or  ‘Their soul chose it – its their karma’ or ‘Everything is perfect in God’s Plan – you just need to perceive it differently’. People who say such things seem to have no idea how smug and nasty they sound. Nor of the hurt they cause.”

I urge you to read the remainder of the article – it puts across this point beautifully, and speaks with such an authentic wisdom that I really hope everyone takes the opportunity to understand this very valid insight.



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