Five Aspects of Health

by Leisa on November 30, 2007

Often I see at Hippocrates Health Centre, people who are so focused on their physical health, that they have let all the other areas in their life slide as they pursue the ultimate goal of a fit health body due to a perfect diet. But good health is more than just a lot of raw food with some exercise thrown in. In my lectures at Hippocrates I talk about embracing other aspects of health that are just as important as the first aspect, which is of course the physical body.

Second to that is the emotional or mental body – and that encompasses our thought patterns, our limiting beliefs, the baggage we are holding onto from the trauma’s in our life and our ability to be kind, loving and compassionate people.

Thirdly we have our social network and support system – we were never meant to be stand alone creatures and we need to develop supportive and non-toxic relationships around us.

Fourthly we have the environment we live in, and that can mean the home we live in, the city and country we live in – and also it can encompass the chemicals and toxins that we bring into our environment in the way of personal care and cleaning products.

Fifthly (is that a real word?!) we have our spirituality or our connection to something greater than ourselves.

It is when we have these five aspects well balanced and integrated that we get the best feeling of being healthy. If your health is suffering and you have only been focusing on the physical, it might be time to step back and have a look at supporting those other areas, and you might be surprised at the results.



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