Health Freedom Take 2

by Leisa on November 23, 2007

A couple of stories have come across my desk lately, detailing the lengths that the Pharmaceutical / Medical Industry will go to, to enforce medical treatment on the public whether they choose it or not.

I think one of the greatest injustices that one can be subjected to is the loss of health freedom and the autonomy to decide what happens with ones own body. Enforced and mandatory “health” care is a frightening thought for those of us that have a completely different view with regards to the healing of the body, to the standard mechanistic view accepted by mainstream medicine. I don’t expect them to understand my perspective of natural medicine because they have never studied it – but I do expect the right to choose my own method of healing; – and this is a right that is being eroded very quickly in today’s society.

It is incredibly arrogant and narrow minded of the medical profession to claim that their way is the only way. This is a cry that is heard over and over again by a public that is frightened into treatments that are unsafe and damaging; and they are lied to and told that there is nothing else that can be done. But there is something that can be done – and one brave woman challenged the system and is currently fighting for the right to health freedom in the state of California in the United States. Laurie Jessop’s story is unfortunately becoming all too common – her son was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and she and her son opted to treat the cancer with natural methods. Those natural methods were successful, but the fall out for the family has been nothing short of criminal. Laurie was arrested, put in maximum security prison in solitary confinement and her children taken by child protection services. Even though no cancer can be found in her son, the medical establishment still want him to undergo chemotherapy to “kill” that elusive cancer that they are unable to find.

Read more about this fascinating story here:

Another abuse to health freedom rights came to my attention from Mike Adams who is one of the most read journalists on health freedom issues. In Maryland in the U.S. parents are being threatened with arrest and prison time if they don’t vaccinate their children. Talk about a medical police state. Read Mike Adams here:

And don’t think that this sort of thing can’t happen in Australia – we currently have a situation where health care professionals are being forced out of their jobs if they choose to not be vaccinated.

The bottom line is that preserving our health freedom is essential – our bodies, our choice. The more people that are aware of the potential of forced medical procedures, the more that can protest when they recognise it happening.



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