Breast Cancer Prevention?

by Leisa on October 18, 2007

Rather than looking to the medical world for answers on preventing disease, there is some brilliant information coming out on two super nutrients and the role they may play in the prevention of cancer.

These two nutrients, one vitamin and one mineral, are commonly found to be low in the general population and both are needed for the optimisation of health on all levels. The nutrients I’m talking about are Vitamin D and Selenium.

Nowadays a lot of people avoid spending any time in the sun, which is the healthiest and most natural way to promote Vitamin D formation within the body. With the scare tactics employed by industry groups, we have nations of people that always cover up, slather toxic chemicals on their body and wear dark sunglasses every time they venture outdoors. Whilst I certainly don’t advocate baking yourself to a crisp in the midday sun, a healthy 15 minutes a day of gentle sun on as much skin as you dare to expose, is an easy and enjoyable way to achieve the enormous health benefits of having optimum Vitamin D levels.

For further reading on the relationship between Vitamin D and Cancer, Mike Adams has written two very good articles on this topic:

Selenium is mineral that is often low in many people’s diets and it can be quite difficult to obtain adequate amounts even with a natural whole foods diet, if the soil the plants are gown in is deficient in this essential mineral. Selenium has a huge range of health benefits for the body; supporting the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the immune system, thyroid function and metabolism; and Selenium also reduces the risk of developing many forms of cancer.

Elaine Hollingsworth, author of the excellent book “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” wrote a candid article about Selenium and Cancer that you don’t want to miss – it also contains a link to Dr. Donald Miller’s medical opinion on the crucial role of Selenium in our health.



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