The Codex Threat

by Leisa on August 21, 2009

Many of you have heard of the Codex Alimentarius and the threat it holds over our natural medicine industry.  There are varied opinions on just how much of a threat it really is, but in the worst case scenario we will have regulations that will class natural food, herbs and supplements as drugs and they will only be able to be prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Of course this will wipe out the natural medicine industry, as very few doctors have any training in, or interest in alternative therapies.

The frightening thing is that we may no longer be able to have access to therapeutic levels of vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods, as they will be classed as drugs, and in the extreme we could be fined and jailed for having a supplement of vitamin C to the level of that contained in two oranges.

Vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods are completely safe and have very minor side-effects in rare circumstances, and may be responsible (possibly) for one or two deaths here and there.  Orthodox medicine however, manages to kill thousands upon thousands of people every single year – yet the regulators want to put our safe products into the same category as their poisons, and then take them away from us when we may have done years and years of training on how to best utilise them for healing…  That seems to be completely illogical to me.

Dr. Kashonia Carnegie conducted an excellent interview with local practitioner Alyce Harms on the subject of Codex and our Health Rights, that I believe everyone who has every taken a supplement or seen a naturopath MUST listen to.  Our basic freedoms are under threat by our own government under the influence of multi-national companies who do not give a hoot about your rights or your health.

We must be aware of the potential danger of this type of legislation coming to pass so that we can fight it with everything we have.

You can go to this link here to listen to the interview: Stories and Sustainability with Dr. Kashonia Carnegie.



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