Comparing Ourselves To Others

by Leisa on April 18, 2009

Hhmm.  This is a difficult subject for me.  In the past I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others and felt bad because I just didn’t measure up.  Which led to doing a lot of personal growth work and over time I developed a much more healthy self-esteem and sense of self.

Just recently though, I realised that I was doing it again and it was causing a lot of harm.

When I was growing up I was told to not compare myself to anyone else – that there would always be someone more accomplished, and someone less accomplished than me – and to just do my best and be myself and that was all anyone could ask.  That was one learning that I wish I had taken more notice of!

I read a lot of raw food books and am on a lot of raw food blogs, newsletters and forums – and the main teachings seem to be that 100% raw is the only credible and worthy message to promote.  So I looked at what I was doing and started comparing myself to those promoting a 100% raw vegan lifestyle and started to worry that what I was doing wasn’t good enough.

Even though I like to use a strict raw vegan lifestyle for detoxification and for specific healing purposes – I am not strictly 100% anything myself and do not promote 100%  raw veganism as a rule to live by for life.

So I sat down one day and I wrote down all of the things that I stand for and that I teach around food, health, healing, natural medicine, the emotional aspects of healing, spirituality and life – and I realised that I don’t have to be a clone of anyone else – that I am totally unique in what I have learnt and what I present and that I am perfect just being me!

It sounds simple, but I really struggled with the comparison’s for a while there.

It really hit home today too – at the close of the Easter Embracing Life! Retreat – that what I do has value and that it does help many people integrate healthier options into their lives and empowers them with knowledge.  If I just promoted 100% raw vegan as the be all and end all – then I feel I would be doing people a disservice as we would be missing so much of the other factors that play a role in the healing picture.

So, my lesson for today – is do not compare yourself to anyone !  You are perfect as you are, with completely unique gifts and talents that only you can share with the world in your way.



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