To Be or Not To Be 100% Raw

by Leisa on January 29, 2009

This is a gorgeous article written by Jennie, the owner of Raw Pleasure, and I totally agree with what she has to say in this article:

“There are many different ways to eat a raw food diet. There’s low fat, high fruit, low fat low fruit, there’s gourmet, there’s no fruit, there’s vegan and non-vegan, superfoods, or not superfoods, supplement or no supplement. There are so many different raw diets to choose from that I often feel for the new person coming to raw… there is so much different advice out there! Many people go through several different phases before they find the style of raw that fits them.

I myself started as high raw and was content with that. I originally did not want to be 100%. I did not want to be vegetarian either. However, in May 2007 I was fortunate enough to be helping out at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival in Sydney. There I met some beautiful people who had health glowing out of them. These people were 100% raw vegan; I’ve not eaten meat since.

I started out high raw, which was raw breakfast, lunch and two snacks and a salad with my dinner. The cooked portion was quite small. Evening meals were usually gourmet. Then I eventually got to the stage where I had cooked food once or twice per month. I’m still having cooked food once or twice per month but even that has changed. No more is that cooked portion chips or Chinese take-away. If I make myself some cooked food it’s steamed veges. On top of a heap of shredded greens.

I’m two years into my raw journey. I’m still not 100% raw despite the perceived pressure to be. The other day I spoke to a lady on the phone. I’ve had dozens of conversations similar to this one. She was asking “How do I be 100%? I’m an all or nothing girl but this healthy food tastes like (insert swear word here)”. I was not surprised as I’ve heard this many times before.

100% all or nothing. Where does that come from? I’m not sure myself. There are a lot of raw authors who are 100% raw vegan and even 100% raw non-vegan who are great advocates of being 100% raw. “The difference is unbelievable!” they say, “You will be blown away by the difference between 99% and 100% raw. Just try it” and so on. This is probably true. In fact, I believe that it is. There are so many testimonies out there of people living 100% raw lifestyles who are thriving. Whether they do superfoods, no superfoods, low fat, high fat, low fruit, high fruit… there are many, many people around doing various styles of raw and getting amazing results”….

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