Dr. Sherrill Sellman Australian Tour!

by Leisa on May 29, 2010

I am VERY excited to announce that Dr. Sherrill Sellman, the premier educational leader worldwide on the issues of women’s hormones and the havoc forced upon us by the orthodox medical establishment – is coming to Australia in July / August this year!

Sherrill is the acclaimed author of the books “Hormone Heresy” and “What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer” and she will be speaking about the problems with medicine treating our very essence of what it means to be female as a disease, rather than celebrating and embracing everything that we are.

Talking on controversial topics such as mammograms and breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy, precocious puberty, Gardisil vaccination, weight loss and much, much more – she will educate as she empowers during her “Turning Back the Clock – Restore, Regenerate & Rejuvenate Your Hormones at Any Age” Tour.

Sherrill will be conducting a 3 hour evening lecture and a full day Saturday workshop in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, and with the content affecting women of all ages, mother, daughter and grandmother will gain vital knowledge in keeping healthy at all stages of life.

I have been asked to organise many tours for international speakers in the raw food and health arena, but I am very selective with whom I support, and Dr. Sherrill Sellman is one lady who I couldn’t wait to be involved with.

I saw Sherriil speak here in Australia several years ago, and found her to be a dynamic, well-informed speaker who wasn’t afraid to bring controversial topics to light.  I know without a doubt, that you will gain profound insights from attending the lectures and workshops we are holding in Brisbane / Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne.

For more information please go to www.drsellmantour.com  There are early-bird special prices for booking in advance, and if you would like to do a group booking, please contact me direct.  There is also a discount for booking both the lecture and the workshop – and please note the full day workshop includes morning and afternoon tea, and a buffet lunch.

You will also find several audio’s and articles from Sherrill at the tour site, and all the information you need to book online!

I will be joining Sherrill “on the road”, so I hope to see you to catch up for a chat at the events!  See you there!



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Pam October 20, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Dear Sherrill,

I will look forward to your comments on the email I sent to you yesterday about breast cancer, women’s health and paints of all kinds used in craft. I have noticed a strong link between artists and their materials and great sickness of brain, breast and worse. I have never seen such a link drawn before. Please let me know what your opinion is. I can only look at my art works and say, that teacher is dead and so is that one and her baby daughter, or has brain tumour or breast cancer. I can’t sat categorically there is a link, I only know what The Holy Spirit is showing me very clearly. Now I am getting rid of all my paint materials, whether silk, oil, water colour, acrylics, they all have a finger in this deadly pie, or so it appears to me. The last thing an artist wants to hear is that their paints are making them sick. They don’t want to know and so it continues. Look how many people are given painting for therapy!! What a sick world.

Also, I can’t believe I did not know about your visit to Australia in July/August. My husband and I were away on an extended holiday, so I did not receive prior notification of your trip down under. Please let me know when this happens again.

KEITH REA July 14, 2012 at 1:12 am

I have been looking for where I can down load the Guardisil Files. I have herd you talking about how it damages the people injected with it and wish to share this with other people who have children approaching that age. The king hit for me is that it is irreversible and the child is stuck with a decision made for them by someone else (govt decree) for the rest of their life.

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