Who Knew Raw Could Taste So Good?

by Leisa on May 24, 2011

The common misconception that a raw food diet is boring and bland, was well and truly thrown out the window at our last retreat with Raw Food Chef Julie Mistios from Conscious Choice.

I’ve gotten to know Julie fairly well, working with her on both David Wolfe Tours and the Dr Sherrill Sellman Events, and her dedication to raw food and her experience in this field is second to none. She has trained extensively with experts in the field including Alissa Cohen, Matthew Kenney, Elaina Love and most recently with raw food doctors Rick and Karin Dina. Her more formal training has also been in the United States at some of the most prestigious raw food establishments including:

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute,California;
The creative Health Institute, Michigan; and
The Tree of Life, Arizona.

So weren’t we lucky to have her at the Embracing Life! Retreat! Julie not only prepared the delicious food at the retreat, but also took us through all the recipes, sharing her trade secret tips with us as she went.  She will be back for a few retreats later in the year, and you can also catch her teaching how to make delicious raw recipes in her regular raw food preparation classes in Sydney.

Here are a few of the treats we had at the Byron Bay Retreat:

Apple, Fennel & Pomegranate Salad

Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta with a Chunky Tomato Sauce

Spiced Apple Pie with Cinnamon Cream




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