R is for Raspberries

by Leisa on November 15, 2012

Raspberry season is coming! Raspberries have to be one of absolute favourite fruits of all time, I think I could just live on them!

Raspberries are a longevity food, just half a cup of berries a day (is more OK??) can prolong our lifespan, providing seriously awesome levels of antioxidants – many of which have been found to be effective in both the prevention and treatment of certain types of cancer. They can offset the negative carcinogenic effects of environmental toxins, offering protection from these dangers in a little red package bursting with flavour!

Raspberries also contain one of the highest levels of fibre per gram, than any other food, and also have the ability to kill detrimental bacteria in the bowel such as Salmonella and E. Coli, preventing gastroenteritis and food poisoning illnesses. Another great reason to eat raspberries every day!

Or course, eating raspberries fresh and organic is best, but I always keep a supply of frozen raspberries in my freezer for adding into smoothies and making coulis -the coulis goes very well with raw vegan lemon cheesecake!

Embrace summer by getting some berries into you today!



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