Food Is The Foundation Of Health

by Leisa on August 8, 2013

For many people, supplements are viewed as a “cure all” for their ailments.  The take glucosamine for their arthritis, calcium supplements for their osteoporosis, and fish oil for their cardiovascular system. But I feel that somewhere along the way they have been misinformed as to what supplements are for, and when they are the most effective. In this day and age, we have been brainwashed into believing that there is “one pill for every ill”. Drugs work on one parameter only, so a medication to lower blood pressure, will do just that. The side-effects of that are ignored, and the idea that there is a magic bullet for disease becomes entrenched in the public psyche. Unfortunately, this magic bullet mentality carries over into people’s expectations around natural medicine. They believe that there will be one supplement or one herb that will have a miraculous effect, and that is just not the case.

fruits and vegetables

In my experience, no supplement, herb, powder or potion has the healing ability that a good diet does.  For me, food is the foundation.  We need to build a strong foundation with good quality organic food that includes fruit, vegetables, greens, nuts, seeds, legumes, sea vegetables and superfoods.  Once we have established a good healthy baseline, we can then build on that with specific supplements and herbs medicinally, to produce a specific change in the body as needed.

Unfortunately many people are under the impression that they can take supplements instead of changing their diet and still see the same results, and that is just not true.  It can be one way of abdicating responsibility when it comes to what is being eaten.  It is a sad reality that many people would rather die, than change their eating habits.

I am not against supplements, they have their place, and if we are grossly deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, then supplementation of that specific item can cause miraculous improvements in health. It is in the chronically ill cases that have had a lifetime of poor eating habits where we see supplements going to waste if the diet isn’t cleaned up first.  Certainly a lot of good can be done and improvement in health gained with supplementation – but long term reversal of illness, I believe, cannot be done with supplements alone.

It comes down to choice, and I have heard every excuse under the sun when people are resisting changing to a healthful diet.  From “there is nothing left to eat”, to “it will all taste bad”, to “I don’t have the time / money / energy / knowledge” etc.  But there is a time when either we cling to our excuses or we make a decision to eat differently.  It’s as simple as that.

So before you look to cure your ills with a bottle of pills, albeit healthy ones, consider food as the foremost healing tool that you have available and explore what can be done with a mainly vegetarian, mainly raw style of diet, and reap the rewards in your health!



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