10 Reasons To Love Bali

by Rhianna on February 25, 2014

Bali, a popular tourist destination for those wanting to get into the sun, drink cheap beer and party all night. So why has it become one of our favourite and super special retreat destinations? Well, firstly because we hold our retreats in the beautiful Ubud, far away from party-happy youngsters. Here are 10 other reasons why Embracing Health loves, loves LOVES Bali!

Bali fruit
1.    Tropical Fruit
Oh my goodness the fruit! Huge bags of mangosteens for a dollar; crispy, astringent snake fruit; white and fuchsia dragon fruit; white, fragrant passion fruit; green coconuts by the truck load… it really is a fresh fruit lovers heaven! Not to mention the tiny pineapples, deep red papaya and tart mangos, mini bananas, oh the list goes on!

Five Elements Bath
2.    Health and Beauty
What a place to be a lover of body indulgence. In Ubud, the streets are lined with yoga studios, meditation centres, massage parlors, and day spas. The prices are amazing, and it is so very easy to while away the hours getting pampered for as little as ten Aussie dollars. In fact we have, many times!

Kori staff
3.    Gorgeous People
These beautiful people greet you with a smile any time of a day or night. They are always ready to laugh, and have such a relaxed, calm nature that you can’t help but feel at ease in their company. Nothing is too much to ask, and if they can’t help you themselves, they are sure to have a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ who will be summoned at a moments notice to help you out. Kind, accommodating, friendly and generous are the words that come to mind when thinking of our beautiful Bali friends.

Bali pool
4.    Climate
It’s a tropical paradise, what more can I say! If it does rain, and yes it rains regularly, then the downpour is heavy and sudden and over before you know it. It is quite common to have beautiful sunny, clear days and soothing downpours at night. It makes waking in the morning all the more spectacular when the forest is sparkling around you.

Bali offering
5.    Spirituality
The Balinese are a deeply spiritual people, and by visiting their country you are gently drawn into their calm spirituality in a loving way. From the tiny offerings placed in front of every house in the morning, to the colourful flags and festivals you might happen to stumble across, to the stunning beauty of the temples, the feeling of the spirit of the country envelops you from the moment you arrive. You can really feel the peace.

6.    Affordability
I have touched on the price in a few sections above, and it is something to love about this wonderful country. Bargaining, or bartering is expected in all markets and in many stores, and often thoroughly enjoyed by both the Balinese and tourists. Everything is cheaper than Australian prices, be it by a few dollars or by a huge amount. It is not uncommon to eat a gourmet three course raw meal for under $20.00, spend 3.5 hours at a day spa for $25.00, or hire a car and a driver for the whole day for $30.00.

Bali pancakes
7.    Restaurants
Again, the food! In Ubud there is a plethora of delicious raw, vegan, vegetarian and organic cafes springing up all over the place. The food is amazing- some of my highlights were the red rice flour pancakes with coconut nectar and banana, a huge organic salad complete with activated pepitas, sauerkraut and a galangal, lemongrass dressing, raw onion bread and sprouted chickpea hummus, the amazing Chakamaca- a delicious combination of Balinese cacao, maca and coconut palm sugar, and finally a delicious warming Indian plate complete with red rice, saag, dahl, and vegetable curry… delicious!

8.    Relaxation
I don’t know if it’s the people, or the spirituality, the climate or the massages, but it really is the most relaxing place. So many people find that they just seem to switch off in Bali. They are able to let their mind relax, and bodies heal. Some find that they sleep better there than anywhere else. It truly is a place of relaxation.

9.    Bali Tea
This little beauty deserves a point all on its own. A Bali tea, sipped after a 2 hour deep tissue massage, is truly the best thing in the world. With ingredients like ginger, galangal, pandan leaves, turmeric and some other mystery herbs it really is a Balinese must-try.

Bali Volcano
10.    Landscape
From stunning volcanos, and lush, tropical forests, to white beaches and crystal clear water, you really have your pick of the place when you visit Bali. Although it is a sizable island, it is very easy to wake up on a beautiful beach, drive up to the mountains for a trip through a cacao and coffee plantation, have lunch overlooking a volcano, and then head back down for an afternoon swim, then dinner on the beach, watching the sun sink below the horizon. It really is just perfect!

If you want to come and see Bali in all its splendour, then our next 10-day raw, vegan detox retreat starts on the 31st of July in beautiful Ubud. Why not detox you mind body and spirit, then stay a few days extra to soak up more of Bali’s top 10?



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