It’s All About The Vibes, Man…

by Rhianna on June 10, 2014

Can you really affect other people just through the thoughts you think? Have you ever found yourself affected by other peoples thoughts or feelings? Have you ever ‘made’ something happen, just through an extreme desire? We really are far more powerful than most people think! An interesting event occurred for me yesterday that highlighted just how powerful the thoughts and feelings of strangers can be.

You Think And Become

Yesterday was a public holiday so my partner and I got to spend the day together. Around midday we decided it would be nice to go out for lunch, so we decided to try somewhere new that boasted a wide range of gluten free, dairy free, healthy eating options. I had been to this place on a few occasions before to get a caffeine free, coconut milk chai (yum!), and always found it popular and busy. As we drove through town, we noticed that all the open cafes were absolutely full to bursting, I started to wonder if we would get a seat. We arrived at the café, and found it amazingly empty! Not a single customer! Quite hungry now, we both took a seat and started to peruse the menu. I would say we had been there about 5 minutes when I noticed I was starting to feel weird, like I didn’t want to be there. Not long after we had arrived, a family of four also came in and sat at a table near us. Another young woman came in and started looking at the menu on the wall. Now this is going to sound all trippy hippy, but I can tell you, after trying to focus on the menu for a few minutes, I just wanted to get up and get out of there. I looked at Asa and he said what I had been thinking, that he wasn’t hungry any more, and he didn’t want to eat here. Quite suddenly, the table of 4 got up, left their water and menus, and walked out. Then, just as suddenly, the girl looking at the menu inside also left. We soon followed suit. By the time we had made it home, we were starving again.

We discussed this strange phenomenon and decided it was the ‘vibes’. The menu looked great, it was surcharge free, the location was lovely and the waitresses working there were not rude, but from the strong feelings we got, they just didn’t want to be there on a public holiday. They didn’t want to deal with customers, they wanted to stand around and chat until they could finally go home. And they were doing a very good job of keeping their café customer free!

Now I know this might sound like just a big coincidence, but I can tell you for sure, I have experienced this with my own clients on one or two occasions over the years. If I have had patients booked in and not felt up to seeing them (usually due to feeling exhausted or unwell), remarkably these patients have often called to reschedule their appointments for another time. At the time, I thanked my lucky stars, but now I recognise it was the ‘vibes’ I was unconsciously sending out.

An acquaintance of mine is an acupuncturist. He has a lot of personal issues and unfortunately has quite a negative attitude to life in general. Over the past 5 years he has worked in approximately 3 different clinics where he has experienced the same work related issues over and over again. He finds he dislikes the boss, hates his work space, doesn’t get a lot of bookings, and blames the clinic for the ‘bad energy’ and his light work load. The surprising thing is that those acupuncturists before and after him who have come to work in the same space, have been very successful. It came to me after about the 3rd year, that it wasn’t the space, it wasn’t the boss, and it wasn’t the clinic- it was him. The thing is, he is a good acupuncturist- he has the skill, it’s just his ‘vibes’ that keep him from being busy. He expects another failure and inevitably, that’s what keeps happening.

Emoto Water

What we think and what we feel are very powerful. Dr Masaru Emoto has been amazing the world with his experiments on water since 1994. Simply by speaking or writing positive or negative words on the vessels containing the water, the structure has been shown to change in accordance to these words. Beautiful crystalline water structures for positive words, pictures and songs, or broken, horrible structures for negative expressions. Click here to see more of Dr Emotos amazing work. So have a think about the ‘vibes’ you are sending out into the word. It may be scary just how negative our thoughts can be when we really begin to listen. Changing the language around our ‘negative’ life events can help to bring in more positive experiences.

If you dislike your job, try being grateful for the fact that you have a job, and grateful for upcoming opportunity to change your job.
If you feel you don’t get paid enough, try being grateful for the money you do receive, and grateful for the pay rise, or bonus you are about to get.
If you dislike your body, be thankful that you have the body you have, and grateful for it’s amazing ability to change.
This can be applied to almost anything! If you remember the Glad Game, Pollyanna plays in Eleanor H. Porter’s book Pollyanna (published in 1913!), you’ll know exactly how to start!

Sending out positive vibes will not only beneficially affect you, but it will affect those you work with, live with and encounter on a daily basis. Some days it might be hard (such as a day where you’re stuck at work on a public holiday), but sending out the good vibes anyway, you might just be surprised by what the universe decides to give you back!



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