Pay It Forward

by Rhianna on July 17, 2014

I know we are supposed to wake up each day and choose to be happy. I know it can be a conscious decision; we are the ones in charge of our mood and how we decide to feel each day, we have the power. But sometimes you wake up feeling less than great. And making a choice to be happy just doesn’t stick. It’s like the happiness switch gets flicked on and short-circuits, the happiness juice gets cut and you end up feeling low.

portrait of depressed senior man with drawing storm cloud over gThis happens to everyone, myself included. You are not depressed, you are just sad for not apparent reason. Perhaps it lingers for an hour or a day, but it isn’t your normal state of being. Being sad is OK, it does not mean there is something wrong with you. It is a normal human emotion, and I believe it would be unnatural for us not to experience it occasionally.

If you can’t flick that switch to happiness yourself (and seriously, we can’t do it 100% of the time), I would suggest offering it up to the universe and letting the powers that be take care of you. You might say something along the lines of “I want to be happy today, but right now I feel a little sad. Please send me something today that will make me smile and lighten my heart”. Perhaps you will see a beautiful sight, perhaps a stranger will smile at you, maybe that last delicious piece of slice was waiting in the store for you… whatever it might be, be open to seeing it, feeling it or enjoying it and your day will turn around. And when you feel it and your mood lifts, see if you can pay it forward.

The other morning I woke with just such a low mood. And before I even got out of bed a message from the universe came through loud and clear. It was literally a message. A lovely friend sent me a text that said she was thinking of me and hoped my day would be filled with happiness, love and abundance. I returned her text and was not surprised when there was no reply. It was not the introduction of a conversation, it was simply a reaching out across the ether to send someone some love. Once done, her job was complete, no more need for texting.

I was instantly filled with happiness and love, I mean how could you not be? And a few hours later thoughts of another friend of mine popped into my head. I didn’t question it, I just sent her a quick text full of love and a happy memory. I don’t know if my friend was having a bad day, or if she was sad, I just felt that I wanted to pay forward the outpouring of love I had received.

Happy picThis reminds me of a quote I’ve seen floating around “Be so happy that when others look at you, they become happy too!” If you are feeling happy, pay it forward! If someone makes your day, pay it forward! If you are full of love and laughter, pay it forward! You never know whose whole day you might shift.

Thank you, sending the happiness forward. 🙂



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