How Kind Are You To YOU?

by Rhianna on March 7, 2014

Just a quick blog today on self love. How often do you show yourself that you love you? It is sad to think that the majority of women out there have a head full of negative self talk, rather than positive love and affirmation for their individual, divine beauty. I know it can be hard, with the media constantly portraying this image of the perfect woman we are ‘supposed’ to be, it’s impossible to get from point A to point B now without seeing this perfect woman splashed all over billboards, busses, TV screens, and even on the radio (I don’t know who you are Dr Sess, but no, I do not dream about having bigger breasts!).

I Love Me

Positive self talk is most definitely the first step. Practice self congratulation, take pride in what you are, what you do and what you have achieved. The next step is leaning to be kind to yourself. Treating yourself the way you would treat a beloved friend. This is an area that has become apparent for me over the past month.

I have recently moved into a new house, and I have been waiting for flowers. Don’t ask me why, but I have just been waiting for someone to come visit, bringing a bunch of flowers. I realised this morning, that I am the absolute best person out there to know my floral arrangement tastes, and if I want a little congratulatory house warming bunch of flowers, then I should buy myself one! So I did. And it has brought me so much happiness already just knowing I will be taking it home tonight! This has made me think about why it took me so long, and has made me realise, that a little present to myself every now and again isn’t a waste of money, or an unnecessary indulgence, it is a sign of my love and respect for myself. Cue self talk “I moved house, I set up a lovely home, I did a good job, congratulations me! Here, have some flowers!”

Another similar point I found was that I tend not to bother making meals exciting unless I have someone to cook for. Now I don’t mean whipping up a three course meal every night if you happen to be dining alone, but I mean making a little more effort for your own pleasure and fulfillment. It was an avocado on toast night for me the other night, and I actually had the words “Well it’s only me, so it doesn’t matter” run through my head. I caught myself and thought about it differently. If I had a friend come over who wanted avocado on toast for dinner, what would I make them? I ended up happily eating my avocado, tomato and sheep’s feta toast, sprinkled with cracked pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice, feeling like I had made something delicious and satisfying on more than just a physical level. My hunger was satisfied, but I also felt good about making myself something a little bit special! It took approximately 2 extra minutes to add those ingredients to my plain avo toast, and the result was more than I imagined! Cue self talk, “Yay me! What a yummy dinner I made for me! I feel pretty special! More than that, I feel loved.”

When was the last time you treated yourself like a special friend? Do something lovely for yourself today, you most definitely deserve it! You’re awesome! And I am awesome! Yay me!!! 🙂



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