Organic Garden At San Francisco City Hall Promotes Slow Food Movement

Vegetable Gardening is a Crime?

by Leisa on July 19, 2011

Only in America! We hope We want to see MORE veggie gardens in people’s homes, not less! From ABC news: Julie Bass faces the prospect of going to jail for what she’s growing in her front yard. The illegal growth is tomatos. And zuchinis, peppers and other edible and what normally would be legal plants.
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Queensland Floods

A Positive in Nature’s Drama

by Leisa on January 13, 2011

I have a lovely friend in the Rockhampton area of QLD and as we’ve watched the devestating floods and the havoc that nature has caused in the part of the world, she had a beautiful positive message to share, that she gave me permission to post it  here. “I just got back from the supermarket
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