A Positive in Nature’s Drama

by Leisa on January 13, 2011

I have a lovely friend in the Rockhampton area of QLD and as we’ve watched the devestating floods and the havoc that nature has caused in the part of the world, she had a beautiful positive message to share, that she gave me permission to post it  here.

“I just got back from the supermarket and had to share this with you.  The supermarket was chocker block packed with crazy shoppers all stocking up on their frozen goodies, bread, milk and loads of packet and tin stuff, all preparing for the shortage over the next couple of weeks.

I got home and thought to myself how blessed I am to have gained the knowledge I have over the last few years and to be able to quite easily provide for my family in a wholesome way while our state goes through this awful tragedy.

I stocked up on loads of seeds, legumes, buckwheat and rice from the health food store,  I made sure I had lots of almonds for almond milk, I grabbed extra bananas and berries to freeze for our smoothies, my chookies have plenty of eggs so I can still do my home made cooking for the kids and my garden is loaded with Ceylon Spinach, endive, plantain, abundant herbs, capsicum, tomato, cucumber and eggplant.  I have at least 30 pawpaws on my 15 odd trees all in various stages of ripening and to my surprise yesterday I discovered 2 banana trees exploding with bananas.  Shame they are still a little way off but I was very excited to say the least!

Anyway I just had one of those “I love life” moments and wanted to share it with you.  Thank you so much for all your teachings, your education has been priceless.”

Or course she was one of the fortunate ones, like those of us on the Gold Coast,  who wasn’t in danger of going underwater. To  find such a great positive within the challenges faced, and to be able to have an element of self-sufficiency, is something to be very proud of.



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joy mozzi February 6, 2011 at 4:29 am

Thanks for sharing your friend’s message Leisa. It is EXACTLY how I feel. We all need to create an element of self-sufficiency in our lives. Since becoming high raw I am cultivating what I can in my little garden and hope that in the hard times we can all share with each other.

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