Six Reasons To Avoid Dairy At All Costs

by Leisa on June 12, 2010

This video is geared towards people in the US, but the doctor speaking on the video Dr Mark Hyman has some very good points. He speaks about the “new revised food pyramid” and how it is influenced by industry lobbying.

I don’t agree with everything he says here – but at least he does mention the difference between mass produced dairy, full of antibiotics and hormones which is then pasteurised and homogenised and turned into the poisonous product you see on the supermarket shelves – and raw, organic dairy products. He mentions in the video, he is not a fan of raw dairy in any case, because of its contribution towards many disease conditions and the inability of many people to digest it well.

A small amount of fermented raw milk kefir I find is the healthiest option if you do choose to have dairy in your diet, and I have reseached the positive benefits of having a small amount of cultured raw butter regularly. But on the whole, for most people who are buying litres of milk, cheese slices, sugary yoghurts, processed chocolate and chemical laden ice-cream, they are better off without dairy products completely.

For some suggestions on milk alternatives, see my blog post “What Milk?



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