Meat & Dairy Cause Cancer

by Leisa on May 12, 2010

A few days ago I posted a link to an interview Mike Adams did with Charlotte Gerson about the application of Gerson Therapy with cancer, and how our health came to be in such a mess in this day and age – and to follow up with that, I have video link that I would encourage you to watch.

I am not one for using a lot of scare tactics and fear based writings to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I prefer to focus on the benefits of whole foods, superfoods, and the dense nutrition found in food when it comes in it’s natural state.  I like people to view a healthier lifestyle as a matter of adding things in so they feel there is abundance in their food choices, rather than working on a mindset of deprivation where there is a long list of “don’ts” without supplying a huge list of “do’s”.

In this video T. Colin Campbell, author of “The China Study” talks about his findings from one of the biggest epidemiological studies in the world, as well as other major studies, that a higher consumption of animal proteins and dairy can play a role in cancer.

As with all I do, I try and keep a balanced perspective on information, and even though T. Colin Campell is a vegan, he states quite clearly in his book that there wasn’t a significant difference in the health of people who ate 10% or less of their diet as animal products, and those who left them out altogether.  My view is that keeping animal products to a minimum is healthy, (for moral, ethical and environmental reasons as well), but if becoming a vegan is not within your reach at this time, that you can benefit your long-term health by reducing animal products.

I wrote a blog about this in the past, “But Do I Have To Give Up Meat?” because it is an issue that many people do struggle with.  If this is a question you relate to, I urge you to watch the video below.  Professor Campbell is a very good speaker, and is not just sounding off on a whim, but bringing very good science to the table.

In the 45 minute talk, Professor Campbell discusses the powerful evidence demonstrating that animal protein is one of the most carcinogenic substances people are regularly exposed to.  Only 2 to 3 percent of cancers are attributable to genes.  The rest has to do with lifestyle, and diet is the primary driver behind several common cancers.

This is what the life’s work reveals of celebrated professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and one of the directors of the China Project — T. Colin Campbell, PhD. His first epiphany came in the 1970’s when he found liver cancer was associated with a diet high in animal protein.

The Great American Diet causing cancer??  Campbell’s colleagues thought he was nuts.  “Don’t go there.”

But go there he did…and beyond.

In this fascinating 45-minute talk, Campbell describes his journey from dairy rancher and animal-protein advocate…to vegan and disease prevention researcher. Campbell’s famous research showed that cancer tumor growth could be turned on — and turned off — just by raising or lowering animal protein intake.”



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