What’s In Your Non-Dairy Milk?

by Rhianna on April 24, 2014

I couldn’t tell you the last time I drank cows milk. Understanding dairy is one of the top 5 allergenic foods, and recognising the fact that I am reactive to it has caused me to steer clear for many years. Luckily, there is a plethora of alternative milk products out there, convenient in tetra pack,
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Dr Mark Hyman

Six Reasons To Avoid Dairy At All Costs

by Leisa on June 12, 2010

This video is geared towards people in the US, but the doctor speaking on the video Dr Mark Hyman has some very good points. He speaks about the “new revised food pyramid” and how it is influenced by industry lobbying. I don’t agree with everything he says here – but at least he does mention
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Chocolate Fix!

by Leisa on January 16, 2008

Goodness it would be easy to be a chocoholic!  It is actually in my genes to love chocolate – truly!  My grandmother would eat a 750g block of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk fruit and nut almost every day, she lived on it! Now every time you think of chocolate, instead say “rancid fat, cow pus, mouse
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