Chocolate Fix!

by Leisa on January 16, 2008

Goodness it would be easy to be a chocoholic!  It is actually in my genes to love chocolate – truly!  My grandmother would eat a 750g block of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk fruit and nut almost every day, she lived on it!

Now every time you think of chocolate, instead say “rancid fat, cow pus, mouse poop and cockroach bits” over and over (yes, that IS disgusting!), and you’ll soon not want that chocolate anymore!  I’m not making this stuff up – just do a search on the internet on what percentage of rodent feces is allowable in chocolate!  The fats in any processed food have a high proportion of trans fats which are the dangerous kind; and most milk comes from cows that have been bred to have larger udders and therefore more infections – so the allowable content of pus molecules in the milk keeps being raised, as the cows get sicker.

So if that’s not enough to put you off processed chocolate, try the enormous sugar content that has too many negative effects to even attempt to list here – and also have a think about the child slave labour often used on cacao plantations.

Whew, so after all that bad news, we need a treat!  This isn’t a recipe that you would make every day, but for every now and then it is quite divine – especially when poured over strawberries. 🙂

Depending on how much you want to make, use this as a guideline:

Warm Chocolate Sauce

1 part raw organic tahini
1 part raw agave nectar
1 part raw, fair trade, organic cacao powder
½ part pure coconut oil
Add ingredients together and slowly add small amounts of boiling water to make a smooth, rich sauce.




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