Miracle in Wisconsin

by Leisa on September 1, 2009

APPLETON, Wisconsin — A revolution has occurred. It’s taken place in the Central Alternative High School. The kids now behave. The hallways aren’t frantic. Even the teachers are happy. The school used to be out of control. Kids packed weapons. Discipline problems swamped the principal’s office. But not since 1997. What happened? Did they line
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I enjoy the writing of Mike Adams of Natural News very much – he has a very strong opinion and doesn’t mind voicing it, going much further than I dare to! I really enjoyed this three part series entitled “Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When It Comes To Health, Vaccines & Vitamin D“. The
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The Importance of Iodine

by Leisa on June 10, 2009

It is funny how things happen in synchronicity.  I was just finishing off the main article for my Membership Magazine called “The Importance of Iodine” where I have written a huge expose about the conditions of iodine deficiency and the totally inadequate recommendations given to us about how much iodine to supplement with.  It’s a
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