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E is for Enchilada!

by Leisa on July 15, 2008

In my theme of discussing foods starting with each letter of the alphabet, I had trouble with the letter “E” – if I have trouble with “E” then who knows what will happen when I get to X!!! I thought about eggs, but I mainly talk about raw food here, and even though I have gone through
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Nutritionism Defined

by Leisa on July 8, 2008

This is the title of Chapter 2 of Michael Pollan’s great book “In Defense of Food”, and I love the concept that he reveals – that we have become blinded by the ideology of “nutritionism.” “In the case of nutritionism,” Pollan writes “the widely shared but unexamined assumption is that the key to understanding food
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The Delicious Date

by Leisa on June 27, 2008

Following on from my food related posts “The Amazing Apple”, “The Brilliant Blueberry” and “The Classic Chick-Pea”, comes “The Delicious Date” – one food that is a must in your household pantry. Dates are the fruit from the Date Palm Tree and are cut from the palm and ideally sun-dried.  The palms are found in
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Questions and Answers signpost

What is the Answer to this Question?

by Leisa on June 20, 2008

In various situations either in clinical practice or just in my daily interactions with people, I invariably get asked – “What can I do about X condition?”  It might be arthritis, or diabetes or one of any number of chronic health problems. Unfortunately, this is a question that I find really hard to answer, because there
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Weighing In on Weight Loss Pt 2

by Leisa on May 29, 2008

Many people do overeat and eat the wrong types of food – but in clinic I have found that in most cases it is the body sending a message and crying out for help. Weight gain due to overeating might mean that the person could be nutrient deficient or fatty acid deficient, low in energy
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Green Smoothie Challenge!

by Leisa on May 15, 2008

I am a huge fan of green smoothies and have one pretty much every day. It is also one of the essentials in my naturopathic practice where healing with food is my passion. The Green Smoothie Challenge is a fantastic project created by Raw Power’s health and nutrition educator Anand Wells.  The 14 day challenge starts
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The Classic Chick Pea

by Leisa on May 11, 2008

Now when we think of the chick pea, we don’t automatically think “yum, I’ve just got to have some of those!” But the humble chick pea is so full of goodness that we just can’t overlook it. In many traditional cultures the chick pea is a staple of the diet, being ground into flour to produce the
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Favourite Quote

by Leisa on April 17, 2008

This is an wonderful quote that I picked up from the Raw Power website www.rawpower.com.au “An individual who eats the typical foods found in so-called “civilized society” who then changes to a raw-plant-food diet can discover energy they have never known. Eating a balanced mix of raw plant foods restores the body on a molecular level, building
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The Amazing Apple

by Leisa on April 15, 2008

In exploring food as medicine, one food that you just can’t overlook is the humble apple. There is a lot of truth in the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” One of my first introductions into the healing benefits of the apple, was after reading a book called “The Biogenic Diet”
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Six Words That Could Change Your Life

by Leisa on March 16, 2008

Not long ago I wrote about seven important words on health that author Michael Pollan had to say, namely “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants”.  A statement that seems too simple to be as profound as it actually is.  A suggestion, that, if it was adopted by more people, would have far reaching positive
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